Parkway Demolitions Complete 2006

Mendon School Building Tear-Down Begins
Parkway Intermediate School (formerly the Mendon - Union School building) Auction Completed July 8
The Parkway Intermediate School which was formerly the Mendon - Union School building was the site of the second auction for the Parkway School District on July 8. Salvagers, the curious, and those seeking cherished mementos bought boilers, aluminum, desks, windows, doors and much more. After two weeks of stripping the building, salvagers were done and a fence was stretched around the perimeter.  When the Rockford site demolition is finished, Mendon will begin. These pictures were taken on Thursday, July 27, 2006.
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Mendon Union School Bell Missing
The old school building was apparently re-roofed in the 1960's and the bell tower was taken down before that time - possibly even in the 1940's. Now that the structure has been razed, the committee formed to create a memorial at the site is asking for help with locating the old bell. Please call 419-586-4381 to report any knowledge of the bell's where-abouts.
July 22, 2006  Sees Auction of Many Antiques and Salvageable Materials at Willshire's Parkway Middle School
The Parkway Middle School, and formerly the Willshire School Building in Willshire, Ohio, built in 1904 was recently the site of the third and last school auction for the district. Reports from the event indicated that many antique items were sold to eager bidders. At the right are Jerry Reigle and Duane Salway who purchased doors, cabinets, sinks and other items for refinishing and reuse. Someone in the upper right picture is removing a window. The gym floor is gone. Aluminum is one item that is being removed and sold at salvage yards. The Willshire site demolition will take place after Mendon's.

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Rockford's Parkway High School to be Demolished; Steps Taken Beforehand


Parkway Auctions Complete - Proceeds Announced - Thank-you's Published

The Parkway District auctions of surplus equipment have been completed.  The auctions netted the district almost $109,000.  Much of this money has been designated for the use of updating the technology for the new building.  The OSFC does not consider computers to be equipment so project funds cannot be used.  The auctions and proceeds have therefore served the district well.  Demolition work will continue at Rockford, then move to Mendon and finally Willshire.  The buildings have been turned over to the demolition company and no longer belong to the Parkway District.

All of the professional staff that conducted the auctions donated their services so the proceeds of the auction all went to the school.  The District is indebted to the following individuals who volunteered for these big sales:  D.D. Strickler (who organized the auctions), Ken Jay, Gene Michaud, Larry Geise, Ron Medaugh, Stan Sill, Gary Richey, Rhonda Edgell, Vicki Smith, Dana Smith, David Smith, Trevelin Conn and Trenna Browning.  The Parkway Local School Board would like to thank these individuals for the service they provided and the professional manner in which they handled the sales.

Along the same lines of these volunteers, several companies provided services and materials to assist in the move from three buildings to one.  Rob Kraner with Celina Moving and Storage supplied and drove a moving van.  Lee Dicke and the Crown Equipment Co. donated the use of a tow motor and palette jack.  Deb Gibson at the Fremont Company and Allan Bills at Reynolds and Reynolds each provided hundreds of boxes for the move.  Rob Belna of Belna Petroleum also provided a tow motor the district was able to use.  Because of the generosity of these individuals and companies, the complicated move became a little easier for the maintenance staff.  The School Board would also like to thank these individuals and companies.


More Rockford School Building Pictures
As Countdown to the Demolition Begins
by Pat Agler
Fencing was Added to the Perimeter for Safety
Demolition of Parkway High School
us Garage and Ag/Business/Shop
Photos Submitted by Nikki Fox, Pat Agler,
Tina Heitkamp, and Jeff Pontsler
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Tracy Protsman Rutledge Photographs New Gym Demolition
Thank you, Tracy, for these action photos.

Rockford's Parkway High School Demolition Begins

The bus garage and the Ag/Business/Shop areas are down.

Thank you to Nikki Fox,  Pat Agler, Tina Heitkamp, and Jeff Pontsler for sharing your photos of the demolition.


Demolition Pictures Continue to Come In ~ The Readers of the Parkway Independent, Especially Those Who are Far From Home, Appreciate Them ~ These are By Pat Agler
All demolished materials are being sorted for recycling. There are great piles of bricks and cement blocks, steel girders and metal sheeting. Read Below for Information on Where to Obtain a Souvenir Brick.


Gone But Not Forgotten
Monica Sill Agler
As the walls come tumbling down and the dust lingers in the air,
I think back to days gone by.
Memories of yesteryear flood my thoughts…

Images of basketball games, high school dances and pep rallies all seem so vivid.  The visions of converting the high school gym into “The Loveboat” for prom seem so surreal.

Seems like only yesterday, we were making banners to decorate the halls in preparation for the “big game”.  Now those halls are nothing but rubble.

If you strain, you may here the familiar sound of children playing on the playground.  The bouncing ball of a kickball game.  The screeching sound of the swings and the whirl of the merry-go-round ~ these fill our memories.

Remember the trophies, banners, awards and class photos… gone, boxed up.

But the memories; they are ours to keep.  Their shelf life is what you make of them.

Put your hand to your ear, listen… you may hear the echoes of the choir warming up… la, la, la, la, la

If you try, you can envision the Mighty Marching Panther Band practicing “Hang on Sloopy” with the cheer squad grooving along.

All three Parkway buildings hold many memories for everyone that was ever part of the Mendon, Willshire and Rockford communities.  These schools were a meeting place of students, teachers and friends.  The buildings may be gone, but the memories ~ they hold live on in each of us. We are now merging in one location. We are growing strong and growing together.

We are a new generation with a new beginning.  Our time is now.

Photos above are by Nikki Fox.

Thank you, both; Monica for your thoughts and Nikki for your photos.



Doug and Crystal Severt Share Aerial Photos of the Parkway Demolition and the New School
Granddaughter Adrienne Takes Her First Airplane Ride!

Demolition at Rockford Continues on the Old School Building

A magnet picks up metal debris.



Parkway High School in final Stages of Demolition - Get a Souvenir Brick on the South Side of the Building where the Old Bus Garage Stood
Pictures by Pat Agler - Thanks for sharing!





Willshire School Under Demolition in November and December 2006

The Willshire School Building,
formerly housing Parkway School
District middle school students
is the last of the three district buildings
to be demolished. The historic bell tower
is to be preserved for the village.
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